Original Live Painting Art: Unique Masterpieces for Art Lovers

The author, Roman K., is for the purpose of an artistic creation called upon a strong inner feeling commanding him to paint the unknown, a live original painting.

The artworks are not arising out of experience nor are tinged by a particular idea to create, say or express something.  None of the paintings have specific content, form, theme or semantic structure. The author feels like a “tool”, whereby there is an artistic creation in which each element acts as a natural necessity sounding in the end like a hidden beauty of a new substance…

The author looks for the artwork principle at the very final stage in order to assign a working title – a name that is intended to serve only as an initial waypoint for the future owner.

The true content and significance of a particular artwork therefore always finds its “address of Truth” only in the hands of its owner. Only the owner himself has an absolute right to recognize the noble sense and message of a particular artwork.  The owner’s personality and opinion assign the painting a seal of uniqueness. 

Everything that surrounds us is about perception, feelings, evaluation, and communication…   

Everyone is original and has a different level of perception, feelings, and recognition.  Likewise communicates consciousness with the subconscious at a different level.  Our subconscious mind already knows everything while sometimes it takes a long time before our conscious mind realizes so.  It is just subconsciousness that urges each of us to the real truth, which is immutable, absolute, and eternal.  It sometimes conceals the secrets untold and mysteriously unfolds a storyline, which becomes a guiding law of a specific philosophy and beauty.

The artwork and the owner always find each other. The rare artwork often calls upon a human spirit’s growth, insight, and testimony about oneself. Just as the composition of Roman K.’s artwork fits the hanging place, selected by its owner, the painting finds a place in the owner’s heart and becomes a shining gem! …


Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London, 23-25 October 2015

Salon Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, 12-14 June 2015



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